Klearfold® RPET 100

Made from 100% Postconsumer Recycled Content PET

For brand owners that desire the marketing and merchandizing benefits of Klearfold® folding cartons, and have aggressive sustainable packaging goals, HLP Klearfold introduces our new Klearfold® RPET100 premium-quality plastic folding cartons, independently certified as made from 100% postconsumer recycled (PCR) content PET.

We are able to produce high-quality Klearfold RPET100 cartons, as well as 30% PCR content Klearfold cartons, thanks to our vertical integration program… we produce our PCR substrates on our custom box-grade plastic extruders, and we source our own postconsumer PET waste (water and soda bottle flake). This exclusive combination enables us to produce box-grade RPET with no meaningful sacrifice in quality or performance, and without compromising the high marketing appeal of Klearfold cartons.