HLP Klearfold – The clear choice


HLP Klearfold’s clear packaging stands out from the competition due to the use of the finest quality, box-grade plastic. The result is packaging with excellent clarity and strength. HLP Klearfold offers PET packaging which is 100% recyclable. PET plastic packaging is the most commonly used plastic packaging and is recognised as being a non-toxic, safe, flexible material:

APET: (polyethylene-terephthalate) – Considered by many as the ideal material for plastic packaging with excellent clarity and print surface at a good price.

RPET: (recycled polyethylene-terephthalate) – An eco-friendly option of plastic material that offers excellent clarity and a similar print surface to PET. Produced with 30% PET waste.

PETG: (polyethylene-terephthalate glycol-modified) – This modified version of PET offers high impact resistance but is not as easy to print or decorate as other materials. Produced with 100% naturally occurring ingredients.

PP: (polypropylene) – The lighter option at 35% less weight to other materials with very good flexibility at a good price.

PET packaging and PP packaging are ideal choices when wanting to showcase your product in clear, affordable packaging. HLP Klearfold also invests time and money researching additional ways to increase sustainability.


HLP Klearfold has unmatched production capacity that produces packaging for the largest multinational product launches with unparalleled turn-around times. HLP Klearfold controls the air quality, temperature and humidity in its factory. This results in a factory that has minimal static which then eliminates all dust for optimum performance and outstanding results.
HLP Klearfold makes sure each machine is kept up-to-date and running smoothly to help produce unbeatable transparent packaging.

HLP Klearfold’s Soft Crease® technology:

Soft Crease® technology is a method that uses radio frequency creasing, ensuring that cartons from HLP Klearfold fold precisely and have clean lines, whilst making sure they maintain their crisp shape. Traditional methods of creasing plastic use pressure alone which leaves the material fragile, with stiff scoring.
HLP Klearfold’s Soft Crease ® technology uses RF energy and heat with very little pressure. This guarantees more durable packaging that provides superior performance in both hand-fill and automatic higher-speed filling applications.

HLP Klearfolds 13- colour press:

The newest machine at HLP Klearfold is the cutting-edge 13-colour press, delivering top printing quality and giving us the ability of more printing and decorating options. It has one gravure station and 12 UV web-flexo stations, up to five of which can be configured for backside printing or swapped out for up to four rotary silkscreen and/or two cold foil units.
The press gives bolder more vibrant colours on clear substrates, including dazzling metallic and many other special effects for your bespoke packaging. It also gives HLP Klearfold the ability to accomplish what is traditionally done with five or more machine passes in one single, simple pass.


HLP Klearfold can print a wide range of design effects onto your clear plastic packaging. It is not always necessary to have a design printed onto clear plastic packaging, however, if your packaging requires design, HLP Klearfold has unbeatable abilities to make your packaging stand out.

Customer service.

HLP Klearfold offers excellent customer service and understands the unique needs and demands of different businesses. HLP Klearfold Technical Account Managers are passionate about satisfying customers’ needs and make the whole process of creating packaging easy to manage. You will receive help and support from choosing materials to design and all things in between. HLP Klearfold has local offices all over Europe with fast and easy ways to get in touch. We can talk over the phone, email or even arrange a meeting with you.

HLP Klearfold supplies bespoke, recyclable packaging for any product. Get in touch to discuss your packaging today!