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Sports Industry Packaging


Sports Industry Packaging, designed in the correct way, can help boost your sales. HLP Klearfold is the right choice when choosing your packaging partner, we can supply your business with the clear plastic packaging needed, with endless capabilities in both design and structure for your transparent packaging.

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Christmas packaging in 2019


Many businesses already have their packaging ready for Christmas 2019. Don’t fall behind this year and make sure you have everything in place to ensure the holiday season runs smoothly Read our blog to find out how HLP Klearfold can help you!

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Sustainability in 2019


HLP Klearfold spent 2018 researching ways to make plastic packaging more sustainable and promise to spend just as much time and effort in 2019 doing the same. Get to know HLP Klearfold’s plans for 2019 and get to know more about the packaging HLP Klearfold offer.

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