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Clear recyclable packaging for your chocolate products.

PET packaging

HLP Klearfold has almost 50 years of experience of manufacturing bespoke clear packaging. Making us experts when it comes to producing, manufacturing and designing transparent packaging. You can 100% trust HLP Klearfold to supply you with the highest quality clear plastic packaging there Is to offer.

HLP Klearfold has experience with packaging chocolate products. One way to get your chocolate product packaging noticed is down to the design and bespoke structure of the packaging itself. Our talented structural designers can give you advice and support on both the structure and design of your clear packaging, to make sure it really stands out from the crowd. HLP Klearfold can create packaging for a wide range of chocolate products, including seasonal chocolate packaging e.g. Easter chocolate packaging, Christmas chocolate packaging, Halloween chocolate packaging, large chocolate packaging, small chocolate treats packaging, decorative chocolate bars and coco powder products.

Tailored technology

HLP Klearfold is a pioneer in radio-frequency-creasing of bespoke plastic packaging. HLP Klearfold’s soft crease® technology is increasingly sought after by manufacturers anxious to reduce costs, whether packaging manually or on automated lines. The clear plastic packaging technology is extremely versatile and can be customised to serve the needs of your chocolate product packaging. Soft crease® technology can be used on environmentally friendly and recyclable clear plastic materials, APET and RPET, providing extra assurance to yourself that your clear packaging is produced with sustainability in mind.

Get in touch today to find out how HLP Klearfold can help you with packaging your chocolate products in packaging which not only stands out but is also 100% recyclable.