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About Us

Manufacturing clear high-quality packaging for your products.

Here at HLP Klearfold, we work with you to carefully map your packaging needs and match them with our capabilities. Known as the largest and most experienced producer of folding plastic/acetate cartons, you can trust us to supply you with everything you need to make sure your products stand out from the crowd.

Through ongoing improvements in equipment, materials, processes, and people HLP Klearfold strives to provide our customers with unequalled customer satisfaction and the highest quality printed plastic/acetate packaging available anywhere in the world.

We strive to increase the use of recycled material in our production to protect our global environment, therefore increasing our efficiency in line with our policy to reduce overall costs and guarantee our own, and your, competitive edge.

HLP Klearfold and the Environment.

Here at HLP Klearfold, we manufacture our own base materials which allow us to recycle all processed and post-consumer waste in line with our environmental policy. Thirty percent of post-consumer material content is recycled.
As we become increasingly aware of the environment and our impact on it, it is more important than ever that we take notice of the situation and do the best that we can to be more environmentally friendly. We offer preferred, environmentally friendly APET material and recycled content, as well as RPET plastic/acetate box grade material. Coupled with our soft crease scoring this creates clean and crisp plastic/acetate boxes that perform perfectly on automated filling lines. Our RPET product can be produced using 30% post-consumer waste, so you can be confident you are doing your bit for the environment too.

HLP Klearfold are involved with The Green Forest Agriculture and Forestry Development Co. Ltd which is located in the Southeast of China. This company have covered 3,895 acres and have planted 2,279 acres. This company also provide a total of up to 800,000 seedlings a year.
HLP Klearfold are proud to be in partnership with this company who contribute and protest our environment positively, making sure we do all way can to make this planet eco-friendlier.

Customer Service

We are passionate about satisfying customer needs and have support teams available to provide 24-hour attention; this enables us to give you the highest standard of customer service. We strive to provide:

  • Quotations within 24 hours
  • CAD Samples In three to five days
  • Full-colour samples within one week of receipt of artwork

Unmatched capacity, along with the largest box grade plastic/acetate stock in the world, allows us to keep production time short- typically two to three weeks after samples are approved. HLP Klearfold lead times to Europe are comparable to, and often better than, domestic producers.


Why use Clear Packaging?

Consumers want more and more information when it comes to the products they are purchasing and there is no better way of doing this than using clear packaging. Clear packaging helps consumers to see and feel the quality of a product rather than reading a description from a box, further aiding in their purchase decision.

Clear packaging not only helps to attract and connect consumers to your product but it is also secure, durable and cost-effective


We have been manufacturing clear/transparent packaging exclusively for almost 50 years and we are the largest and most experienced producer of plastic/ acetate folding cartons. Here at HLP Klearfold we offer an expansive and often exclusive range of capabilities and employ the most advanced printing, decorating and converting technologies.

HLP Klearfold is committed to supplying you with only the best. We pride ourselves on the highest level of quality, environmentally friendly plastic/acetate, quick turnaround times and flawless execution with very competitive pricing.

The Klearfold Legacy

HLP Klearfold is one of the most recognised brands in packaging. Known as the largest clear/transparent packaging supplier in the marketplace, with nearly 50 years of experience. We are committed to our global responsibilities and network, with use of cutting-edge technologies and a reputation for manufacturing excellence.

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